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Claudius Galenus This exceptionally wise Greek, who lived during the 2nd century under Roman rule, was at once philosopher, grammarian and the renowned physician of several Roman emperors. As a teacher and major scholar, he travelled through Palestine, Egypt, the Middle East, Greece and Rome and was fluent in several of the languages of his days. As a man of science who was well ahead of his time, he tackled the major challenge of the day: no distinction was made between the art of medicine and pharmacy. His desire to develop his skills as a physician even further drove him to make an in-depth study of remedies, their doses and indications. We believe that the values that inspired this European to generate such major repercussions still apply to the managers of today: leadership, initiative, the creation of teams, problem-solving resources, an international outlook, etc. Our company is proud to be named after such a forward-thinking European.

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