Candidate’s Rights

In accordance to the AESC, the consultancy firm must: 1. Offer the highest level of confidence during the search process. 2. Inform them of the nature and requirements of the position, as well as the compensation package and conditions of the contract. 3. Offer them an honest opinion of their position as candidate. 4. Offer them professional treatment: they should have a comprehensive understanding of the position and the company and should have all questions answered clearly. 5. Offer the candidate a similar amount of information as the client. 6. The candidate should be given a sufficient amount of time to evaluate their decision in respect to an offer. 7. Offer a relationship of trust which will help them during the process and could allow intervention in the negotiation of the contract, if the candidate so wishes. 8. The candidate has the right to know details pertinent to the process: how long it is expected to last, when the interviews will take place and with whom. 9. The candidate will have the greatest flexibility for attending appointments and interviews, and also expects a certain flexibility and availability on your part. 10. Once considered as an active candidate in the process, they should receive constant information on all the stages of the process.