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15 July 2014
Recruitment models and the value of hire

“The external cost is only the tip of the iceberg”

Retained executive search firms face strong competition from other candidate sourcing models. In addition to contingent search firms on the market of external search providers, in-house recruitment teams are lately being built with increasing force.

5 June 2014
Talent in Spain in the Health 2.0 sector

Results of recent research on how the structures of social networks can help or hinder the diffusion of ideas, trends and even social movements -carried out by the Columbia Business School professor Dr. Dan Wang- have just been presented. In … Continue reading

12 May 2014
Top 20 Global Executive Search Firms 2014

AIMS International is delighted to announce that HSZ Media ranked AIMS International 3rd of the Global Executive Search Firms with reference to the number of consultants worldwide and 1st with reference to the number of offices worldwide.