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5 August 2014
¿Estamos preparados para implementar la Transparencia el 1º de Enero?

Todos conocemos los sistemas más o menos integrados de gestión del las Tranferencias de Valor entre los profesionales sanitarios (HCP) y las organizaciones sanitarias (HCO) y todos hemos oído hablar de la adaptación a la normativa Europea que lidera la … Continue reading

30 July 2014
2014 BlueSteps Work-Life Balance Report

The 2014 BlueSteps Work-Life Balance Report, just released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), discovered that while modern senior-level executives are working more hours and in more locations now than in the past, over half (52%) are satisfied or very satisfied with their work-life balance. Global executives work an average of 58.5 hours per week, with 39% working over 60 hours per week. In comparison, four years ago, 55% of senior-level executives did not believe their current work-life balance was satisfactory.

15 July 2014
Recruitment models and the value of hire

“The external cost is only the tip of the iceberg”

Retained executive search firms face strong competition from other candidate sourcing models. In addition to contingent search firms on the market of external search providers, in-house recruitment teams are lately being built with increasing force.