Success Stories

Executive search in Spain

Some of the assignments that could represent the challenges we have worked on are: Management Services (Outsourcing) Chemical Sector Communications Sector Pharmaceutical Sector

Our client operated as a Management Service provider for supply chains, manufacturing, sales and customer services. It is a young company that offers a complete customer service programme which includes sales services, technical support, pre and post-sales services and marketing, operating globally with a network of 21 centres. Head office is located on the East Coast of the United States, with a large presence throughout the country, as well as Europe and Japan. Its international growth reached Spain via a subsidiary branch with 300 customer service staff, based in Galicia. Our client was looking for a Site Director, to report to the firm’s European President, and responsible for business management in Spain and Portugal, including client management, service development and business and strategic planning development. For such an international position, it required a candidate who could also direct and manage the benefits and subsidies from the autonomous community’s local government. The position was filled successfully within the predicted timeline.
Our client, a multinational European group located in Italy, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United States, etc., focuses its activity on research, development, manufacturing and sales of products of the Chemical Sector. Its large exportation, 90% of its production, is carried out from its industrial plants in Italy and Spain. With the aim of developing its plant, our client was looking for an executive of the Chemical Sector to fill the position of Plant Director. This person would be in charge of optimising the processes of 12 already-existing products, another five that would be launched shortly after, pass an FDA approval and manage a team of over 50 people. To accomplish this project we carried out a research and direct search process among leading companies of the Sector in several countries. We presented the best candidates in a period of six weeks and the final candidate joined the company four weeks later.
An interesting project was presented to us via one of the three major world groups of the Communications and Entertainment Sector, through their Editorial Division, which encompassed the areas of education, reference material, games, literature and general and medical-scientific information. The operations of this Editorial Division were split between Madrid and Barcelona. For this project we were asked to fill the position of Division Director for Barcelona. It is a key position and representative to the Division, responsible for all activities and management of the business unit, as well as managing the results account, his/her own team and business development. Our team of researchers and consultants carried out the search throughout the Sector’s companies, and not only was the initial position of Division Director filled, but given the category of the other finalists, there was a second incorporation, as Sales Director for a different Division.
Our client is a multinational European Group, with products on sale in over eighty countries. The Group, created from the merger of two leading companies in the Pharmaceutical Sector, bases its development strategy on the R&D Division in relation to other large multinational companies. This firm was seeking to fill the executive position of Drug Development Director in their R&D Department. The candidate needed to have experience in the management and development of pharmaceutical research programs and to be a member of the strategic committee, taking on the responsibility of deciding which molecules would be suitable to be included and continue in the development program. To carry out this project successfully, -with almost all candidates non-Spanish -, EUROGALENUS used its international network and research, allowing us to identify and interview candidates in different European countries over several weeks, until successfully finding the ideal person.